A Coloring Book of Healing Images

A Coloring Book of Healing Images for Adult Survivors of Child Abuse

By Ellen Lacter, Ph.D.
Illustrated by Robin Baird Lewis and Jen Callow

What's Inside

18 Chapters

Each chapter is focused on an aspect of healing, such as: Safety, Self-Soothing, Joy and Play, Hope, Reclaiming My Body, and Self Love.

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Over 100 Illustrations

The coloring book is printed on heavy weight paper, suitable for a variety of art media, including watercolor.

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Tools for Creative Expression

Chapters include a list of ideas to facilitate an aspect of healing, followed by suggestions for creative expression.

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Color to Heal

As the reader applies art media to the images, their meaning can be deeply internalized to tap into the survivor’s infinite internal resources and to pave a personal path for healing.

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More than a book...

Healing approaches and tools shared in a fun and hope giving medium.
A Coloring Book of Healing Images

The images in this coloring book have been lovingly conceived and developed by the author and illustrators to bring healing to anyone who was abused as a child. The author has been observing, learning, and collecting "what works" for over 30 years.

Each chapter begins with a page or two describing an aspect of healing. Next, most chapters include a list of ideas to facilitate that aspect of healing. This is followed by suggestions for creative expression. Then the coloring images are listed, each with a self-affirming intention. The next pages are a series of full-size healing images on heavy weight paper suitable for most art media.

It is the hope of the author and illustrators that as the reader-artist colors these images and lingers on their meaning, all that they hold of value will be slowly digested and integrated into mind, body, and soul. Within each child abuse survivor are resources of intelligence, creativity, sensitivity, and wisdom which not only survived the abuse, but also likely developed in extraordinary ways because of the abuse. Our hope is that these messages and images will tap into these inner resources and help them realize their full potential.

Pass the paints and crayons!

Made for a Variety of Media

Printed on heavy weight paper suitable for crayons, water-based (not acetone-based) markers, chalk and oil pastels, colored pencils, pastel pencils, and gel pens. Water-based crayons and watercolor pencils (e.g. Aquarelle) are suitable when working with a lightly moistened brush.

A Coloring Book of Healing Images

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